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The Tox21 Program (Toxicology in the 21st Century) is an ongoing collaboration among federal agencies to characterize the potential toxicity of chemicals using cells and isolated molecular targets instead of laboratory animals. For application of in vitro test methods in risk assessment, it is important that mode-of-action specific QIVIVE are performed only with data that are not compromised by the cytotoxicity burst. for EPA ToxCast chemicals and the larger Tox21 chemical list. Lipophilic chemicals that have high sorption affinities to phospholipid membranes trigger baseline toxicity at lower dosed concentrations than hydrophilic chemicals, but the cytotoxic concentrations in the cell membranes do not differ much between different chemicals causing baseline toxicity (van Wezel and Opperhuizen 1995). The cell confluency served as surrogate for cell viability as previously described (Escher et al. Use the browser controls to adjust the font size, or print this page. Tox21 currently is accepting assay proposals from investigators in all areas, both within and outside NIH and the federal government. Tox21 researchers work on a variety of different assays. Table 2 summarizes the output of the toxic ratio analysis and Tables 3 and 4 the specificity analysis for the six Tox21 reporter gene assays. 2017). The EPA InVitroDB version 3.2 is available at EC10 and IC10 for all chemicals in the six assays were calculated by Equations 2 and 3, and standard errors were derived according to Escher et al. The use of two-dimensional descriptors sets enables fast screening and compound prioritization even for a very large database. 2017; Neale et al. Browse pathways by source, species, biological function/process, disease/toxicity relevance and availability of probing assays. Judson et al. Allows access to large-scale screening data (including but not limited to Tox21 qHTS data), along with the medicinal chemistry and informatics necessary to identify chemical probes to study the functions of genes, cells, and biochemical pathways. The specificity analysis for measured in vitro effects identified whether a cytotoxicity burst had likely occurred. SRcytotoxicity were <10 for a large proportion of the chemicals, for which both, IC10 and EC10 were reported (Figure 4B) and, apart from ARE-BLA, the majority of those were even SRcytotoxicity<1 (Table 3). Solid phase microextraction as a tool to determine membrane/water partition coefficients and bioavailable concentrations in in vitro systems.

1992, 2000) was faulty, but with respect to cytotoxicity they were all at TR<10. 2017). Use the search box to see research highlights from NIEHS scientists since its founding in 1966. The TR analysis of the IC10 for cytotoxicity (Tables S10–S17, Figure 3A) revealed that apart from one single outlier (Genistein in PR-BLA with a TR of 15), all environmental chemicals caused baseline toxicity in the cytotoxicity end point. The Tox21 data set comprises 12,060 training samples and 647 test samples that represent chemical compounds. 2011). Ratio of gene expression Assays are selected based on their biological and toxicological relevance and adaptability to miniaturization and qHTS screening. In terms of cell and tissue-type, liver was the most represented organ with many assays using HepG2 cells and hepatocytes (see Supplemental Figures S2, S3, and Supplemental Table S2). Chemical hazard characterization in the twenty-first century has evolved to encompass large high-throughput screening (HTS) research programs, designed to produce quantitative data on the activity of thousands of chemicals across a multitude of biological targets and pathways, a strategy that has long been used in drug discovery. All other chemicals did not show activation of the reporter gene or had SRcytotoxicity<10 indicative for moderate or nonspecific effects. However, when comparing with classification of a large set of ecotoxicity data using different mode-of-action classification tools (Kienzler et al. 2010) but also in cell-free assays (Sipes et al. 2015; Murk et al. log Dlip/w=fneutral×log Klip/w+fionized×(log Klip/w−1) To further explore the cytotoxicity burst, we selected seven environmentally relevant chemicals with diverse physicochemical properties, five of which (Bisphenol A, Quinoxyfen, Fluoranthene, Genistein, Coumarin) overlapped with and were reported to be active in the Tox21 reporter gene assays corresponding to the assays performed in this study (, Tables S1–S6). manager Endnote DataCite NLM DC. Sixteen (8%) and three (1.8%) chemicals were highly specific in the AR-BLA and ERα-BLA assays, respectively, with SRcytotoxicity>1,000. Register Now » Training Datasets . We developed quantitative structure–activity relationships (QSARs) for these cell lines to predict the 10% inhibitory concentrations (IC10) based on one chemical parameter, the liposome–water partition constant (Klip/w) (Escher et al. Via Tox21BodyMap's interactive tools, users can visualize chemical target specificity by organ system, and implement different filtering criteria by changing gene expression thresholds and activity concentration parameters. EPA's National Center for Computational Toxicology, The vision of NIEHS is to use environmental health sciences to understand human disease and improve human health. Such efforts, exemplified by the federal Tox21 research consortium (1,2) are intended to facilitate rapid chemical hazard screening, predictive computational toxicology using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, and human-relevant systems biology models that provide mechanistic insight into chemical toxicity (e.g. Some assays lacking specific gene targets were mapped using tissue/cell type based on input from experts familiar with each specific assay platform and technology type. Only IC10,baseline for chemicals with 1We are therefore routinely screening cytotoxicity during reporter gene assays measurements by assessing confluence with a cell imager directly after dosing and prior to activity measurement of the reporter protein (Escher et al. Tox21BodyMap webserver is available at

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